Can you microwave the pies?

We’ve created the pies with outstanding quality ingredients and the pastry really does taste amazing when cooked in the oven but if you really can’t wait, you could give your pie a couple of minutes in the microwave, just check it’s piping hot in the middle but honestly, a microwave doesn’t do it justice.

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Do the pies contain sugar?

The only product that we add sugar to is the red onion marmalade squiche.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver to all mainland UK postcodes by courier, but not remote parts of the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.

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What are the cooking instructions for the pies?

All the pies and squiches arrive in an individual box with the relevant cooking instructions for both chilled and frozen. We recommend that you pre-heat the oven to 180°C, (160° C fan) gas mark 4, remove all packaging, place pie on preheated baking tray and cook for 25-30 minutes from chilled, 45-50 minutes from frozen.

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Do you do meat and potato pie? Do you do cheese and onion pie? Do you do pork pie?

No unfortunately we don’t do meat and potato, cheese and onion or pork pies currently, BUT keep an eye on our store because we introduce limited editions at various times throughout the year

Can you take my order by phone?

Unfortunately, we can’t take orders by phone. Are you able to get a friend or relative to order on your behalf? It’s a very simple process at checkout to specify a different delivery address and that would solve the problem. Hope that helps.

How long do the pies last in the fridge and freezer?

The pies will arrive to you with an 6-day chilled shelf life and 6-months frozen. The squiches will arrive with a 4-day chilled shelf life and 6-months frozen.

Is the chicken breast?

No, we use a 50:50 combination of breast and thigh. If it was all breast, it would be a bit dry but using this combination gives a more succulent and flavoursome eating experience and taste.

Is the meat organic?

The Beef and Lamb is organically reared from the Goodwood Estate and is all hand cut by their master butchers. The chicken is British and free-range. The game is naturally free to roam the South Downs and comes from South Downs Venison.

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