Do the pies contain sugar?

The only product that we add sugar to is the red onion marmalade squiche.

Does the pastry have egg in it?

Yes, we enrich our luxury shortcrust pastry with local free-range eggs and we also glaze our pies with egg too but the Squash, Spinach and Feta (vegan) pie is 100% meat and dairy free. Our packaging also declares it as an allergen.

Do you do meat and potato pie? Do you do cheese and onion pie? Do you do pork pie?

No unfortunately we don’t do meat and potato, cheese and onion or pork pies currently, BUT keep an eye on our store because we introduce limited editions at various times throughout the year

Do the pies contain wheat?

Every pie and squiche we make is made with wheat flour so our products are not currently suitable if you have an intolerance to gluten.

Is the chicken breast?

No, we use a 50:50 combination of breast and thigh. If it was all breast, it would be a bit dry but using this combination gives a more succulent and flavoursome eating experience and taste.

Do your products contain yeast?

There is yeast in the bouillon that we use in the vegetarian/vegan pies but none of the other pies.

Do the pies contain preservatives?

With the exception of the vegetarian/vegan pies (not squiches), we don't use any ingredients that contain preservatives except for the use of wine which contains sulphites as declared on our ingredients, but most wine contains sulphites.

Do you use palm oil?

Yes, it’s within the vegetable shortening but we only use RSPO palm oil for which we are an accredited and certified user.