Do you use palm oil?

Yes, it’s within the vegetable shortening but we only use RSPO palm oil for which we are an accredited and certified user.

Is the meat organic?

The Beef and Lamb is organically reared from the Goodwood Estate and is all hand cut by their master butchers. The chicken is British and free-range. The game is naturally free to roam the South Downs and comes from South Downs Venison.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is £5 or free on orders over £45.

Is the chicken breast?

No, we use a 50:50 combination of breast and thigh. If it was all breast, it would be a bit dry but using this combination gives a more succulent and flavoursome eating experience and taste.

How do I find my nearest local stockist?

You can check our website for your nearest local stockist.

Do all your pies have onions?

All our pies and squiches contain either onions or leeks with the exception of the Roasted Vegetable and Feta Squiche

Why is fish listed in the ingredients of a meat pie?

Some of our products contain Worcester sauce, which contains anchovies.

What size is the squiche?

Each squiche is 250g and is a generous portion for one person.

Do the pies contain preservatives?

With the exception of the vegetarian/vegan pies (not squiches), we don't use any ingredients that contain preservatives except for the use of wine which contains sulphites as declared on our ingredients, but most wine contains sulphites.

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